Alchemical Dreamspell

from Auraquencher by Golden Triangle

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This track is an empowerment spell written in coded language. It was put together as a 3rd eye visual stimulation code that empowers the listener thru their subconscious mind. Enjoy!!


LYRICS Alchemical Dreamspell Lyrics

Verse 1-
Magnum Opus coded in a jibber Jaw Riddle,
Transdimensional Intercom centerfold sigil,
from a pinecone download silhouette metamorphosis,
Popping into color form, reaching for your corneas.
Coincidencia Oppositorum,
Delivered in a fever dream Phantasmagoria,
the meaning’s what you make it-
Rorschach Allegory,
As the framing of these words gives life to your story.

Bridge -1
Look into my eyes and rinse your mind inside this mirror,
the blueprint of divine provides incantatory tones,
that place inside your palm the seeds to your eternity,
the choice is yours to sleep or plant your seeds in fertile shadows.

Verse 2-
The Cuneiform speaks thru the center of my iris,
beauty born dreams in the land of Osiris,
Blue water green water dream water spiral floods into your
Eye/I Am the fire that animates your Animus and Anima,
with Alien Anatomy in earth form packaging.
Airborne schematics to mastery travel in the sun rays plasma beams,
angel eyes glow
Its the 9 winged tribe with a feather face smiling flow,

it whispers thru your psyche
from the tongues of the divine
and now the rhythm is alive!

Verse 3- The bones are the drums and the soul is the rhythm,
the portal in this poem is a skull made of crystal,
this ornament is worn by the sun and
absorbed and expressed by the fleshy tones I’m delivering.
Splash in the rhythm of a slithering, ecstatic,
catalytic vision and remember your enchantment,
as an opportunity to answer the call
for you to step into your grandeur and Evolve.

Snake Charm Flutist in a sand storm blizzard,
hidden hand in the card deck, pocket magicians,
Tarot card trickery, sparrow song wizardry,
the language of the birds will carry on infinitely,
Independent yet integrated with everything,
the triple sided coin turns the third eye heavenly,
the code that will set us free: there is no enemy,
Inner war ends by this grimoire recipe.
So hop on it and ghost ride the comet on both sides,
guided by a smokey eyes shaman.
Ouroboric medecine invoked and embedded with
the potency to shed your skin and dance into the sun.

Verse 4-

Gossamer winged angels, Pharaoh sun dancers,
descendants of Atlantan Carnival ring masters,
audible dream rainbows of spectrographic laughs,
unhitching baby giggles thru the holographic pastures.
Cosmic sonograms read your pranic autograph
and you receive immortal flesh with you consciousness intact. with omni-syntactical inter-dimensional savvy
we hacked the matrix and rewrote the codes
the laws have been revamped.
Anomalies and Prodigies across the seas have banned
together for this quantum leap, your on the team now.. Dance.
Neospecies activated Guru, new recruit integrated,
innovate the new school.

What you perceive is all in your mind so,
close your eyes and focus on this ideogram stamped Lucidity and dance into the sun!


from Auraquencher, released October 26, 2017
I-tom and Patrick Haize


all rights reserved



Golden Triangle Sedona, Arizona

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